Our studio takes care of hygiene rules very carefully, paying extreme attention to the disinfection of the premises and to the sterilization of all instruments and accessories, allowing all patients to be treated in safety of hygiene and sterility.
These safety measures protect not only the patient, but also and above all doctors and assistants who work there every day.
The cleaning
It is the elimination of organic material and dirt, which is necessary starting from the common areas.
It consists in the elimination of microorganisms but not of spores, and is practiced in all medical offices before and after each patient’s visit.
Use of physical or chemical procedures that destroy microorganisms and spores, usually adopted on the materials used for each performance on the individual patient.
Use of personal protective equipment for patients, doctors and assistants.
Doctors and assistants use the same personal protective equipment with the same indications, specific protections for patients (laser protective goggles, protective glasses for the LED light, and the disposable patient kit).
Most of the tasks related to disinfection and sterilization are carried out by the A.S.O previously instructed and must always be supervised by the dentist and person in charge of patient care. We healthcare professionals must regard all patients as persons at risk and take preventive measures that protect the patient, caregiver and physician permanently and effectively.